Ear Discharge can indicate something serious as in the case of Mr Loganathan from Tamil Nadu who has been suffering from severe ear discharge coupled with intense headaches and sharp pain in the right ear! On medical investigation, it was found that the discharge was caused due to Cerebrospinal Fluid(fluid surrounding the brain) leaking through his ear. Mr Loganathan was saved by timely medical intervention and surgery.

Our expert take, “Ear discharge can often be due to ear wax but can also indicate something more serious such as ear infection, ruptured ear drum, mastoiditis, head injury, etc. Ear discharge is just a symptom which can have a serious underlying cause. If you notice ear discharge in your family member, rush to your nearest ENT specialist like Dr Rao’s ENT to get a thorough diagnosis as any delay can prove fatal depending on the cause.”

The problem –

Mr Loganathan met with a road accident in 2010 where he escaped a head injury, following which he underwent tympanomastoidectomy (surgery to treat infections) in his right ear. In 2012, Mr Loganathan was given ear drops to dissolve the ear mass in his external ear.

Know more here – http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/chennai/2018/dec/18/namakkal-native-suffers-brain-palpitation-apollo-docs-save-life-1913304.html

Symptoms –

  • Mass in his external ear
  • Severe ear discharge
  • Pulsating sound in his right ear
  • Pink, insensitive mass filling his external auditory canal

Treatment –