Microlaryngoscopy (Vocal cord surgery)

In a microlaryngoscopy procedure, the vocal folds in the throat are observed in greater detail with magnification enabled by microscope or endoscope or video enlargement. A microlaryngoscopy is often accompanied by an additional procedure such as removal of a mass, swelling or tumour that can be done either through using delicate instruments or laser.

A microlaryngoscopy is an hour-long (sometimes longer) procedure that’s performed under general anaesthesia.

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    Conditions treated

    • Hoarseness due to vocal cord disorder (Link to Hoarseness condition)
    • Removal of nodules or polyps on the vocal folds

    Why this surgery?

    • Immediate treatment is required if symptoms include laryngeal trauma, fracture, or dislocation and acute airway obstruction for vocal cord dysfunction, airway hematoma/bleeding, or edema, otherwise it can be life-threatening.
    • If a person suffers from hoarseness for more than two weeks then there might be a chance of larynx cancer and immediate treatment must be done.


    This procedure locates the underlying cause of the voice problem. If it is possible, the surgeon adds a procedure to improve the quality of the voice.

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