Mastoidectomy or Mastoid Exploration

The mastoid bone, situated right behind the ear, is a non-rigid, sponge-like structure that can get infected due to an untreated infection in the middle ear.

Mastoidectomy, also called mastoid exploration, is complete removal of diseased mastoid air cells from the mastoid bone. A mastoidectomy can be done under general or local anaesthesia.

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    Conditions treated

    There are 3 different types of mastoidectomy procedures, undertaken based on the type of conditions: –

    • Cortical mastoidectomy- for patients with safe type of middle ear disease, done to improve middle ear ventilation
    • Modified radical mastoidectomy (further divided into Inside out and outside in procedures) – for patients with unsafe type of middle ear disease/ cholesteatoma
    • Radical mastoidectomy – an extensive surgery reserved for conditions like ear cancers etc.

    Why this surgery?

    • An untreated unsafe chronic middle ear infection that has spread to the mastoid bone, can later destroy one’s hearing, sense of balance and damage facial nerve to cause facial paralysis.
    • As the ear is situated very close to the brain, it can also cause brain infections.


    It is essential to carry out a mastoid exploration to remove all diseased parts of the bone to remove or reduce the risk of complications like, loss of hearing, affecting sense of balance, facial paralysis and brain infections.

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