Stapes Surgery

When a disease called otosclerosis strikes the middle ear, the stapes – which is the smallest bone of the ear and also of our body – goes static, stops vibrating and the sound conduction part of hearing mechanism is disturbed leading to hearing loss. Stapes surgery (or stapedectomy) is a microsurgery that involves construction of an alternative sound conduction mechanism to bypass the fixed stapes to restore hearing. This is an hour-long surgery and is usually performed under general anaesthesia, though some surgeons may prefer to operate with local anaesthesia.

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Conditions treated

  • Hearing loss due to otosclerosis

Why this surgery?

  • Stapes surgery is an elective procedure (not a life-saving surgery) that one can choose to have or not have. However, if opted, it will improve the quality of life by freeing one’s dependence on cumbersome hearing aids.


Though, a stapes surgery will not stop progression of otosclerosis but it can improve a person’s hearing a great deal by constructing an alternative sound conducting mechanism.

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