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Sensitive to your senses

Our senses allow us to experience every nuance of the world we live in. Lack of even one can deny us of the freedom to live life to the fullest.

At Dr. Rao’s ENT, we have a great appreciation for the human ability to perceive. We have made it our life’s mission to protect and restore these gifts of nature. Dedicating 47,000 sft. of prime space in the heart of Hyderabad, manning it with superspeciality talent and investing it with advanced equipment and robust technologies is our way of paying tribute to man’s perceptive capabilities. Good hands, good hearts and a good mission guide us in being sensitive to the senses and delivering ENT solutions that put patient delight first at all times.

Preserving every dimension of your senses

Bringing world class
ENT care to India

bringing worldcalss ent

Located at KPHB, Hyderabad, Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality Hospital is the largest and the best equipped hospital of its kind in India offering complete and cutting edge ENT healthcare to patients from across the country.

Helmed and founded by Dr. GVS Rao, a senior and renowned ENT surgeon, as India’s premier ENT training, research and treatment institution, the hospital’s healthcare team includes highly trained and leading ENT specialist physicians and surgeons from India and abroad.

Patient Testimonials


I am writing this review because it will help many people like me, who suffering from low hearing. I want to share my wonderful experience about Dr. Rao’s ENT superspeciality hospital, before that, I want to explain, how I had been suffered with low hearing.

I think, since at the age of 15 years am suffering from low hearing. I suffered alot with this problem, I fighted with this problem for more than 10 years.This problem collapsed all my self confidence,all my goals and aims.but atlast i had been free from this problem by the great Dr. GVS Rao sir. I am very much thankful to sir. He gave me a new life with a simple operation. Saying thanks is very less,soo am not saying thanks sir..

Dr. Rao’s ENT super speciality hospital is fabulous hospital with excellent infrastructure…superb service with low cost…!

Naga Raju, Hyd


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