The ENT surgeon partially or completely repairs the ear’s sound conducting mechanism by either augmenting or reconstructing the damaged ossicles, using harvested ossicles or artificial prosthetics made of teflon, hydroxyapatite, or titanium etc.

The remaining part of this surgical procedure is quite similar to that of myringoplasty. ENT surgeons often combine ossiculoplasty with myringoplasty in a single procedure.

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    Conditions treated

    • Cholestetoma (unsafe chronic otitis media)
    • A disease affecting the middle ear can damage its three tiny bones (collectively known as the ossicles) and affect hearing. The reconstructive surgery to restore this bone conducting mechanism is called an ossiculoplasty.

    Why this surgery?

    • If suffering from Cholestoma, any delay in surgery can cause face paralysis, meningitis, brain infections, body imbalance and severe hearing loss.


    • Functional restoration of the ear’s sound conduction mechanism.
    • Improved hearing ability.

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