CSF Leak Repair

The brain is fully encased inside a lining called dura. The brain and the dura are positioned partly above the nose and the sinuses that are separated from them by a thin bone. Any perforation in the bone and the dura can leak the CSF(cerebrospinal fluid) straight into the nasal or the throat cavities.

CSF leakage can occur due to a head injury, complication from sinus or brain injury or due to tumour removal from inside a sinus. The CSF leak becomes visible when clear fluid starts draining from the nose (usually from one nostril) or into the back of the throat (tastes salty).

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    Conditions treated

    CSF Leakage

    Why this surgery?

    • While a CSF leak in itself is a perilous condition, there is also the added risk of an intracranial (within the skull) infection.
    • The sinuses are high on infection-causing microbes. When the leakage point takes CSF into sinuses, it may also pass on some of these microbes into the CSF space which can then infect the brain and the tissue around.


    Prevents infection of the brain and surrounding tissues.

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    Why Dr Rao’s ENT?

    Best Success Rate – In contrast to the high-risk brain-side CSF repair that has a 25% failure rate, the endoscopic CSF leak repair is comparatively much more successful with just 10% failure rate. In other words, where a brain-side CSF repair is likely to deliver unsatisfactory results in 1 out of every 4 cases, an equivalent endoscopic repair work is likely to be successful for 9 patients out of every 10.

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