It is a microsurgical procedure (conducted using an operating microscope) to reconstruct the eardrum or the tympanic membrane of the ear. In this surgery, harvested graft tissue is used to repair the perforated eardrum. The ear is then packed with gel foam, a Self-absorbable material, to secure it in place. The surgeon bandages the ear from outside for up to 7 days. This surgery can be performed under local or general anaesthesia.

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    Conditions treated

    • Ear Discharge due to perforated eardrum
    • Chronic Otitis Media which causes perforated eardrum

    Why this surgery?

    • A perforated eardrum is always at risk of catching ear infections as water can get into the middle ear during bathing, showering and swimming etc.
    • For better hearing ability.


    • Improved hearing ability.
    • Children who have undergone this procedure may avoid the further impact of hearing loss on language development.

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