Sinus Surgery (FESS)

An endoscopic sinus surgery is usually undertaken to bring relief from chronic rhinosinusitis (inflammation in nose and sinuses that’s unrelieved for at least 3 months) that’s not responding satisfactorily to medications. The cause of this inflammation can be anything from infection, allergies and irritants to polyps (non-cancerous swelling of the nasal/sinus lining). Endoscopic sinusitis surgery can be undertaken under local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Another recent sinus treatment technique is to use ballooning to widen sinus openings. This can be done during the sinus surgery or as an in-office treatment depending on the patient and his/her condition.

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    Conditions treated

    • Chronic Rhinosinusitis
    • For treating nasal polyps, impaired smelling sense, tear duct blockage, brain fluid’s leakage into the nose, recurrent infections (responding to medicines but making a comeback soon after), sinus infections affecting eyes, face or brain, or nasal and sinus cavity tumours of both benign and malignant types.
    • Newest developments in the field have enabled sinus surgeons to open surgery pathways to brain and pituitary gland for neurosurgeries and to eye sockets for ophthalmic surgeries.

    Why this surgery?

    • If sinusitis is not treated it can lead to lot of discomfort and pain.
    • If there are other health problems like asthma, along with sinusitis, then the patient’s health might deteriorate.
    • In rare cases, not getting sinusitis treated might lead to serious conditions like bone infection, meningitis, or brain abscess.


    • Gives relief from discomfort and pain
    • Prevents other serious conditions like meningitis, or brain abscess
    • Increases the sense of smell by restoring better airflow.

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