Septoplasty and Turbinate Surgery

A bent septum is a structural issue that cannot be rectified by medications or alternate therapies. Only a surgery can bring a bent septum to its correct place in the middle of the nose. A septoplasty can be done under local or general anaesthesia and it requires about 30-45 minutes.

If either the bone or the tissue of the turbinates enlarges or swells up, it can obstruct nasal airflow. Turbinates’ size reduction can be achieved either by shrinking them or by taking a chunk out of them.

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    Conditions treated

    • In some cases, because of an injury or due to natural growth, the septum (thin piece of cartilage and bone that separates the two nostrils) bends to one or both sides creating a nasal blockage. The surgery performed to reposition this septum is called a septoplasty.
    • When we breathe in air and it flows through the nose, the turbinates(spongy-bony structures on the inside wall of the nose) heat and humidify it. If either the bone or the tissue of the turbinates
      enlarges or swells up, it can obstruct nasal airflow. Such enlarged turbinates are called hypertrophic turbinates.
    • Both the above issues lead to
      • Snoring & Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

    Why this surgery?

    • A bent septum can cause a blocked nose.
    • Sometimes a bent septum can be a hindrance in undertaking another procedure such as sinus surgery.
    • Enlarged turbinates can obstruct the nasal air passage and make the patient breathe through the mouth. When turbinates are reduced in size, the nasal air passage becomes more comfortable and normal breathing can be gained.


    • Restoration of normal breathing
    • If combined with a nose reshaping surgery called septorhinoplasty, it straightens the nose and improve its external aesthetics as well.

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