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Medtronic IPC with standby Medtronic XPS 3000 (USA)

Medtronic IPC with standby Medtronic XPS 3000 (USA)

Medtronic IPC with standby Medtronic XPS 3000 (USA)

  • Works as a surgical power console for removing soft tissue, hard tissue, and bone during ENT surgeries.
  • Meets multiple ENT surgery needs – from inferior turbinoplasties to complex skull base cases.
  • Accessories available with us include:
    1. M4 straightshot hand piece : Enhances intra-operative functionality and precision when incising or removing soft tissue, hard tissue or bone.
    2. Indigo Mastoid drill : Offers excellent surgical access and visibility with small, lightweight body that delivers power and performance needed for otologic procedures, features high speed and ample torque for fast debulking of the mastoid bone
    3. Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths : Rigid endoscope accessory that saves time and helps ENT surgeons achieve maximum visualisation during nasal and sinus endoscopic surgery, without requiring removal of endoscope. Delivers high-power irrigation burst to flush debris out of the endoscope lens tip.


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