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Dr. GVS Rao is the Founder and Director of Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital, Hyderabad. As India’s leading ENT surgeon engaged in training, research and treatment, Dr Rao is recognised by the medical community for his dedication to elevating Indian ENT healthcare to global standards.

In a stellar career spanning almost three decades now, Dr. Rao has served as an ENT Consultant at several South India’s leading hospitals such as Medwin Hospitals (Hyderabad), Chinnamal ENT Hospital and KKR ENT Hospital (both in Chennai) and St. Gregorious Mission Hospital (Pathnamthitta, Kerala). Till recently, Dr. Rao was the Chief Consultant (ENT) at Medwin Hospitals, Hyderabad. He also serves as the Director, Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation.

Dr. Rao acquired his MBBS and MS (ENT) at the Guntur Medical College and was awarded a gold medal in 1991 by All India Otolaryngologists of India (AOICON), the national body of ENT surgeons in India. As a young and upcoming ENT surgeon in the 1990s, he was personally mentored by the renowned ENT surgeon Dr. Hanumanthappa.

Regularly invited as a Guest Speaker and Guest Faculty at various ENT-oriented events in India and abroad, Dr. Rao has been a delegate to multiple medical conferences across the world. He has also published several ENT research papers and book chapters. A sought-after trainer and mentor to ENT surgeons, Dr. Rau regularly organizes workshops and trainings at Hyderabad for postgraduate medical students and junior ENT surgeons from all over India and world.

In 2010, Dr. Rao became the first ENT surgeon in the world to enter the Limca Book of World Records by conducting 20 micro-ear surgeries in a span of barely 12 hours. He is also credited with being the first ENT surgeon to successfully undertake a cochlear implant surgery on a 2-year old child.

Dr. GVS Rao regularly conducts free ENT screening camps and mass media awareness programmes to promote ENT health among the general populace and to give back to the community. He also contributes to leading medical journals and answers ENT-related reader queries through leading publication columns.


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