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Common Ear Nose Throat Problems

We continually look for ways to help educate our patients about Ear, Nose and Throat issues. These are issues ranging from allergies to even severe problems that are diagnosable and treated by a specialist at Dr. Rao’s ENT.

Checklist For The Best ENT Doctor

Dr. Rao's ENT Care Super Speciality Hospital
An ENT specialist or an otolaryngologist is a doctor that is trained specifically to treat the disorders and infections of the ears, nose, and throat and the head and the neck as well……

Hearing Loss Treatment

Ear Dr. Rao's ENT Care Hospital

As per the medical science, doctors classify hearing loss in two broad categories, ie., Conductive hearing loss and Sensorineural hearing loss

Conductive hearing loss occurs when the outer ear and middle ear are not able to conduct sound waves to the inner ear….

Ear wax – an OCD

Ear wax OCD Dr.Raos ENT

On a daily basis, I keep seeing patients ears with wax deeply pushed inside their ear canals. When I ask the patient, “are you using earbuds?”. They giggle and say “yes”. I try to educate them not to use earbuds anymore. The next question that immediately pops up is “Then how will my ears get cleaned?”, “What happens to all that wax accumulating in my ear?”. To all those people, read on…

Ear pain in an aeroplane

Ear Pain in Airplane

Are ear pain and discomfort the first things that come to your mind when you think of travelling by air? Is your ear pain terrifying you of air travel? Are your ears warning you about airplane descent even before the captain announces? If you are one of those people, read on…

Sudden hearing loss


Sudden hearing loss is an ENT emergency. It can occur at once or over a span of few days. One should immediately visit an ENT doctor as the earlier the intervention, the better would be the recovery.

When do you need a hearing aid?

Hearing aid

Are your kids saying that time has come for you to use a hearing aid? Are they getting irritated when you ask them to repeat the same thing again? Are you feeling its better to stop interacting with them rather than to be shouted at? Do you need a hearing aid – maybe?

When Do You Require a Cochlear Implant?


Love is in the air says many hopeless romantics. No, Nitrogen, Oxygen, CO2 are in the air says the science and Sheldon Cooper. But more than anything else, there is vagueness aplenty in the air. It is everywhere, it is in our thoughts, actions and speech…

Pediatric Hearing Losses


Children are cute, charming and jolly-good but equally troublesome fellas. One trait that they share with old people is not caring to listen to the others. It is the most common complaint parents have with their child. But, is this just part of their mischief or is your child suffering from an ear disorder which you have failed to notice? It is …

What is Acoustic Neuroma?


Despite manifesting some symptoms, when statistics say only 1 person in 100,000 contracts a certain medical condition, it is human nature to assume you are among the lucky 99,999.This can lead to delayed diagnosis and a ‘too late to reverse’ situation…

Facial Nerve Disorder

Facial nerve disorder

Imagine waking up one morning and not being able to smile back to your mom or daughter or wife. Imagine not being able to blink or frown or make any of those 21 distinct facial expressions we humans are innately capable of emoting…

What is Presbycusis?


There is no denying it. There are occasions when all of us wish we could shut some noises out. Like a self-absorbed friend or a complaining colleague. But this should be a choice, not an unpleasant reality. With advancing age however, it goes with the territory…

“I have Sinus” – do you actually have sinusitis?

nose problem treatment at Dr. Rao's ENT Care
In my OPD, I see a few patients complaining that they have “Sinus” (Sinus-itis). On probing further, some of them prove correct while most of them prove to be wrong. So do you have sinusitis?…

Natural remedies for common cold


Cold is like that unwanted guest who visits you once in a while. Cold doesn’t require medical intervention. Let us look at some home remedies you can try…

Passive smoking effects on children

Passive smoking and children

Children are very sensitive to smoke emanated from cigarettes. It affects their quality of life tremendously especially their ear, nose, throat and lungs. It is advisable for the adults to see that this exposure is bought to nil.

Hay Fever- Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis


The list of not so debilitating but very annoying disease is incomplete without the mention of hay fever. Hay fever is also called as allergic rhinitis. Hay fever is a distant cousin of common cold, and share a lot of things in common – like the runny nose, itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sinus pressure. Contrary to the popular myth, you don’t get hay fever because you work in the fields…

Nose-Bleeds- Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis


Most of the adults, when they were children, sat across their classmate with cotton plugs up their nostrils to prevent the nosebleeds. These nosebleeds are caused due to the shock and injury caused when the fist of your classmate lands on your nose….

Fish in the Throat

fish in the throat
If it is a Sunday, our endoscopy department would be working full force with many patients visiting us with foreign bodies. The most common culprit is the fishbone, throwing its one last punch before being assimilated by the gastric juices…..

Can snoring kill you?

CPAP-sleep apnea-snoring

Have you ever wondered why young people in their 30’s and 40’s are getting heart attacks and some sadly are passing away? Snoring and associated obstructive sleep apnea is now emerging as one of the causes.

Snoring in children


Mouth breathing and snoring in children is not healthy. Snoring in children is caused because of enlarged adenoids, tonsils, with or without co-existing allergies. If medical treatment is unsuccessful and the problems are recurrent, surgical removal should be planned.

Alcohol effects on sleep apnea


Sleep apnea and alcohol is a dangerous cocktail mix. Alcohol consumption before going to bed can induce sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. So should you quit alcohol?

Rheumatic Fever – Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis


Everything in this universe is consequential, so is human life on this planet. A human body is probably the finest machine that one can find on this planet, and everyone should treat their bodies as they would treat a prized possession…

Stridor – Nothing Sound about This!


Stridor is a high-pitched, musical breathing sound. Though occurs in adults too, it is most commonly observed in children…

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