Rao's ENTRao's ENT


What this speciality deals with

Disorders associated with the larynx (voice box)

Common diseases treated under this speciality

Hoarseness of voice, foreign bodies in the upper airway, tumours and cancers affecting the larynx, oesophageal reflux, aspiration problems

Larynx-Voice 2

Facilities available

  • Medical and surgical treatments of larynx-related disorders
  • Advanced examination of larynx through hi-tech HD angled endoscopes, flexible scopes and HD camera systems, such as the Pulsar ii stroboscope that can identify the minutest functional problems in the larynx
  • Precision surgery of vocal cords (a region very prone to surgical trauma and very critical for patient’s quality of life) using best-in-class Zeiss Vario microscope and Lumenis Acupulse duo laser for the best possible results,  all surgeries conducted in state of the art, laminar flow operation theatres
  • Voice preservation and rehabilitation after microlaryngoscopy and larynx cancer surgeries


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