Audiology (Hearing test) Department

What it does: Conducts diagnostic hearing tests for patients from all age groups

We conduct diagnostic hearing tests for patients from all age groups. Our Audiology Department features specially sound treated cabins with automated audiometry for Pure Tone, Impedance Audiometry and Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry testing. It is also equipped to assess newborn hearing using Oto Acoustic Emissions and Auditory Steady State Responses.

Enabled by expert doctors, trained audiologists, and hi-tech equipment, the Audiology Department at Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality International Hospital offers an effective combination of precision testing, informed interpretation, and expert strategy development services such as workable hearing loss solutions with aural rehabilitation and assistive devices including hearing aids and cochlear implants. Our goal is to improve the patients’ hearing and communication using cutting edge technology and comprehensive specialist expertise.